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    Signage is one of the most important marketing tools available to businesses, but many seem to overlook ADA signs when considering that. Some may fear the requirements that need to be met and choose to sacrifice branding or quality for generic signage. We are here to assist you in creating custom signage that meets all requirements without the loss of quality or custom branding. Contact us for all your custom ADA signage needs and get a free quote.

    Types of ADA Signs

    ADA signage is used in many different areas but is most common in permanent installations such as:
    • ADA Bathroom Signs
    ADA Elevator or Stair Signs
    ADA Wayfinding Signs
    • ADA Conference Room Signs
    • And more
    You may need to incorporate a variety of ADA signs throughout your workplace. Work with a quality ADA sign company to ensure that you get the highest quality signage for your business while meeting all the ADA sign requirements.

    Staff Only Custom ADA Signs in USA by The ADA Factory
    Multipurpose Room ADA Signs Made by The ADA Factory

    Uses of ADA Signs

    These signs are required under the Americans with Disabilities Act. These are often brailled signs that are used to promote accessibility for all parties that may enter your workplace through directional or instructional information. Most are also required to be printed in contrasting colors for heightened visibility. This doesn’t prevent you from incorporating branding, however. Custom ADA signs can be used to make your business stand out while still complying with all the legal requirements. ADA bathroom signs are some of the most common examples. You could use the traditional slate, typically black and white with text/graphics, or you could work with us to design an original and notable sign that matches your business’s established themes.

    The Importance of Accessible Signage

    Making your space accessible isn’t just required, it’s good business. You don’t want to lose numerous potential customers due to a lack of ADA braille signs or other features. By making your space not only usable but enjoyable, you are building a relationship with customers and the better that relationship, the more likely they will become advocates for your business as well. You can build on this further by incorporating branding throughout your space with tools like custom braille signs, promoting both accessibility and originality.

    Kingdom Babies 106 Custom ADA Signs Made by The ADA Factory
    Custom ADA Signs Made by The ADA Factory in US

    Cost of ADA Signs

    Prices on signage will vary depending on factors like sizing and design. We are happy to assist you in finding the proper signage that suits your business and works within your budget. If you have ADA signs in mind, speak with one of our experts for the most accurate pricing estimate.

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    What are ADA signage standards?

    There are many in-depth standards that ADA signs have to follow that can be referenced in the guide to the ADA accessibility standards. To sum up the basics, these signs must follow regulations in regard to the characters, the braille, the pictograms, and the color and finishes. They also have mounting requirements and must be installed in specific locations.

    What are the requirements for tactile characters on ADA signage?

    The tactile characters must be raised between 1/32th and 1/8th of an inch from the signs, and they also must be at least 3/8ths of an inch wide. They also need a raised border around them that follows the same standards.

    Do all ADA Signs need braille?

    No, not every sign needs braille. Overhead signs, for example, are too high for anyone to reach, so they do not require braille. Parking signs do not require braille either, as they are intended to indicate which spots are for disabled people. Temporary signs mounted for less than seven days also do not require braille.

    What is the importance of ADA Signage?

    ADA signs are critical in keeping handicapped people safe. If a disabled person doesn’t know what room they are entering or doesn’t realize they are next to an escalator or stairwell, they could injure themselves. ADA signs are also required by law, so not having them will lead to your business getting fined and a bad reputation.

    Where do I need ADA signs?

    You need ADA signs wherever there is a change in the environment. This includes your entrances and exits, your bathrooms, and at your stairways. It is paramount to have ADA signage at your stairwells and escalators to keep handicapped people safe.

    What is the impact of ADA signs?

    The impact of ADA signs is you are being compliant with the law and making your establishment safe and welcoming for individuals with disabilities. It will allow your company to have a trustworthy and reputable reputation, which is crucial for businesses looking to establish themselves in a community.

    What are ADA pictograms?

    ADA pictograms are symbols or icons on ADA signs. An iconic ADA symbol that is almost universally recognized is the one of a person sitting in a wheelchair. There are many other types such as informational graphics, running signs, telephone graphics, and more. All are designed to make it a more accessible space for people.

    Which ADA signs do I need?

    This depends on what type of establishment you run, but you are going to need ADA entrance and exit signs and ADA washroom signs. For a full assessment of the type of ADA signage that you will need for your business, book a consultation with one of our signage experts. It's the best way for you to figure out everything you’ll need.

    Do ADA standards for accessible design apply to my building?

    If you are running a reputable business, then they do. Anyone not compliant with the law could be subject to a fine. Plus, it can only help the building. It allows people to feel welcomed into your home and creates an inviting and safe space for all those with disabilities. It will give your business a trustworthy reputation.

    What is the average ADA sign size?

    There is no average size, as long as you make sure they meet the sizing requirements. Specific size requirements may vary depending on the type of sign and its location. The best way to learn more about it is by contacting us, so we can get to know more about your business and what it needs to do to comply with the law.
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