The Importance of ADA Elevator Signs

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If your business has elevators allowing employees and guests to enter and exit multiple levels, then elevator safety signs are essential. These signs will support safety and access in your facility as well as compliance for your business.

What is an ADA elevator sign? ADA signs are meant to serve anyone with a disability, including hearing, visual, and mobile impairments. Compliant signs are required by law for all public buildings. There are a range of ADA sign types, including bathroom signs, directional signs, elevator signs, and additional types. For elevator signs specifically, these are located in and around elevators to provide important information about identification, usage, safety, emergencies, and more.

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    Understanding Elevator Sign Requirements

    There are several considerations to be aware of when it comes to ADA-compliant elevator signs. That’s why it’s critical to work with a signage partner that knows the guidelines. This includes guidelines at the federal level, as well as any local requirements, too. In California, your trusted partner is the team at Majestic Sign Studio.

    We will collaborate with you on signage that meets all legal requirements. You can put your trust in our in-house experts and quality craftsmanship for ADA-compliant signs for your business.

    Uses of ADA Elevator Signs

    Elevator signs will support people and safety in your business. For example, braille ADA elevator signs will help individuals with visual impairments. The signs will enable them to understand critical information, along with locating and using the elevators, and navigating through your facility.

    In the event of an emergency, your signs will help people understand the proper procedures and locate the nearest exit. While ADA signs are important for wayfinding and safety on a daily basis, they are even more critical in urgent situations to support anyone in your facility.

    Types of ADA Elevator Signs

    At Majestic Sign Studio, we can create a variety of ADA sign types, including elevator signs. If you need to pass an inspection, reach out to us for your compliant signage plan. We have mass production capabilities, and our in-house manufacturing allows for quality control and quick response times.

    Work with our team on your custom elevator signs. These signs can be personalized to match your facility’s architectural style and/or your brand. Ask us about signage materials, including acrylic, aluminum, stainless steel, and more.

    ADA Elevator Signs Near Me in California

    Reach out to us at Majestic Sign Studio to get started. We offer a range of sign types in addition to ADA signs. This includes indoor signs, outdoor signs, and fleet wraps. As your trusted signage partner, we offer design, manufacturing, and installation services.

    You’ll appreciate that our signs are designed to be durable, and that we can mass produce your signs with consistent speed and quality. Connect with our skilled team to learn more about ADA sign requirements for your business and get started.

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