June 26, 2023

Commonly Neglected ADA Exit Sign Requirement to Remember

For your business to be successful, you need to make accommodations for everyone. ADA signage and ADA exit signs are one of the many ways you can use signage to make everyone feel welcome in your establishment.  It is ironic that an exit sign can make people feel welcome, but if you want people to return to your business, having a wheelchair-accessible exit marked with an exit ADA sign can make a lasting impression. It is the last thing a disabled person will remember about your business: do not leave a bad taste in their mouth.

When setting up your business to be functional, which includes making accommodations for people with disabilities, there is only one company you need to contact: The ADA Factory. As an offspring of Majestic Sign Studio, we understand the sign business, in and out. ADA exit signs are necessary for your business because, without them, you are in violation of the law.

For more information on ADA signs and how we can ensure you have the proper signage in your establishment to avoid fines, contact us today.

What You Need to Know About ADA Exit Signs

First and foremost, you need ADA signage in your business to be compliant with the law. Do not try to argue your way out of it because you will not win.

There are also requirements that ADA signs must follow. These include:

  • Mounting Height: ADA exit signs need to be mounted a minimum of 48 inches from the floor, and no higher than 60 inches.
  • Mounting Location: Exit ADA signs need to be mounted on the latch side of your exit door. If you have a double door, they need to be mounted on the right-hand side of the right door. If one of the doors is inactive, you can install your sign on the latch side of the inactive door.
  • Contrast: ADA exit signs need a high contract finish so people with vision impairments can read them. Depending on the severity of their impairment, it is not always possible to make them readable for everyone. That is why businesses need to include braille on your ADA exit signs as well.
  • Braille: ADA signs need grade 2 braille characters. The braille text should be placed below the corresponding text. Although braille is not required for all ADA signage (temporary signs, for example, are exempt) we highly recommend installing ADA braille exit signs.
  • Font: These signs need to use a sans-serif font to ensure they are as easy to read as possible. The size of the letters will depend on the viewing distance of your sign.

For a more in-depth explanation of ADA exit sign requirements, refer to the Guide of ADA Accessibility Standards.

Make Everyone Feel Welcome in Your Business with ADA Signage

At The ADA Factory, our goal is to bring everyone together. We produce and ship signs all over the USA, with a focus on creating signage that caters to people with disabilities. Our passion for our business lies in seeing the results of helping people with disabilities live their best life.

Our knowledge enables us to produce signs compliant with the law, no matter what region you live in. We also know where you need ADA signs in your business and how to design them correctly.

To learn more about our business practices, contact us, or call us at 1-951-735-5001. Don’t get caught with your back against the wall; educate yourself and let a company you can rely on handle your ADA exit signs to ensure your business is accessible to everybody.

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