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Many different types of signs are required to be ADA compliant. That’s why The ADA Factory provides ADA compliant door signs to businesses all over the United States. If you’re looking for ADA signs near me, we’ve got you covered.

What Is an ADA Door Sign?

These signs label the doors of different rooms in compliance with rules set by the Americans with Disabilities Act. The main uses of ADA signs are to guide and direct people to specific locations within your workplace. These signs are not only required, but they are also important for promoting accessibility for your employees and customers. This can increase employee delight and customer retention.

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    Types of ADA Door Signs

    These signs come in different forms, all serving the purpose of labeling rooms for employees, customers, guests, or anyone else who may need access to your workplace. ADA braille signs are a common door sign, used for providing information through braille as well as the written text. You make recognize them being used in hotels or schools as ADA room number signs.
    There are restrictions in place that need to be abided by for your braille door signs to be considered ADA compliant. Avoid any confusion or complications by working with an experienced sign company familiar with the laws. ADA compliance can be intimidating for business owners. For example, did you know there is an ADA sign height requirement? The ADA Factory is the sign company for ADA office signage. Save yourself time and energy by letting us handle your ADA compliance so you can return to supporting your business.

    Custom ADA Door Signs

    ADA signage can seem intimidating, but we are here to quell those fears. Ensuring all your signage is ADA compliant does not have to come at the cost of cohesive branding. By working with The ADA Factory, you can customize your door signs to promote your business while also promoting your workplace’s accessibility. Rather than using generic, pre-made signage, you can bring color, graphics, or other design features into your signage to enhance the space.

    The Cost of ADA Door Signs

    Signage will vary in price on a case-by-case basis due to factors like sizing, design, and the number of signs in your order. The ADA Factory is prepared to work with you to provide high-quality signage that suits your needs while also fitting your budget. For all specific inquiries regarding the cost of accessible signs, reach out to one of our experts today.

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