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Signage is important for drawing people into your business, but it’s also important for guiding people out. ADA exit door signs are important for all businesses to create a positive environment for employees and customers. If you’re looking for ADA exit signs near you, The ADA Factory is your go-to sign company. We service the entire country and have plenty of knowledge and experience regarding ADA requirements so we can assist you in creating custom ADA exit signs.

What Are ADA Exit Signs?

These signs are used for alerting customers, visitors, or employees to your business’s exit locations. They can be used to label doors in the form of:
• Exit signs
• Non-exits signs
• Emergency exit signs
ADA exit signs are necessary for both emergencies and proper wayfinding. They also help you meet your braille exit sign requirements. Working alongside an experienced sign company like The ADA Factory will help to ensure that you meet all the ADA requirements while creating your signage. Let us handle the ADA compliancy restrictions so you have more time to focus on supporting your business.

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    Types of ADA Exit Signs

    These signs can be designed and formed in numerous ways, provided they follow the guidelines put in place by the Americans with Disabilities Act. They can be used in numerous different locations like schools, office spaces, large retail shops, and more. Uses of ADA exit signs range from using clearly visible text and graphics to alert people to the location of your exits, to including braille to assist people who are visually impaired. Typically, these are tactile exit signs, meaning the letters and graphics are either raised or indented into the sign material, allowing you to feel the text rather than a smooth surface.

    Creating ADA Exit Signs

    These signs are an important part of your business’s image and are integral to promoting accessibility throughout your workspace. That’s why it’s important to work with a qualified sign company like The ADA Factory. We have experience in creating custom ADA signs for businesses and are prepared to put that experience to work with you.

    Cost of ADA Exit Signs

    The costs of these signs will vary depending on factors like design, materials, and more. If you are working with a strict budget, The ADA Factory will work alongside your business to find the best ADA compliant sign options available to you. For specific pricing enquiries, you can always contact us directly for the most accurate estimates.

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