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Maximize Convenience, Comfort, and Safety at Your Premises

Make spaces easier to navigate for people with visual, cognitive, auditory, and physical disabilities with ADA wayfinding signs. Install legally-required signs and protect your business from expensive fines and closure notices.

Choose from one of the largest selections of ready-to-go ADA signage or custom design signs for your business from scratch. You'll work with a team that brings 10+ years of experience creating custom ADA wayfinding signs.

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    Stairway, Elevator, and ADA Floor Signs: Vital Signs for Your Business

    The Americans with Disabilities Act isn't optional! If your business is receiving visitors, you are legally required to install ADA-compliant signage at your premises in Louisville.

    Our customers install accessibility signage to:

    • Comply with ADA requirements with custom ADA floor signs.
    • Protect the business from ADA and fire code fines.
    • Warn people about hazards such as stairs and steps with custom ADA stair signs.
    • Show directions to wheelchair-friendly entrances.
    • Create an inclusive atmosphere.
    Don't know what types of signs you should install or where? Talk to us today and learn about the ADA signs you should have at your premises.

    Ordering Elevator, Floor, and ADA Stair Signs Couldn't Be Easier

    Whether you've never ordered ADA signs before or are a signage pro yourself, we're the team for you. The ADA Factory Louisville, we're committed to making the signage experience truly seamless.

    1. Book a free consultation - A seasoned signage expert will assess your lobby, elevators, stairwells, and fire escapes. We'll tell you where all you should install signs.
    2. Personalize your signs - Create branded ADA-compliant signs that enhance decor and fit your branded workplace.
    3. Sit back and watch your signs go up - Get signs delivered right to your doorstep, and watch as a professional team of installers installs your signs.

    What are you waiting for? Book a free, no-obligation consultation today.

    ADA Signs Don't All Have to Look the Same

    Do ADA signs have to look more or less the same? No! The ADA does not prescribe what a sign should look like, it only requires specific requirements to be met, such as:

    • A non-glossy, glare-free finish.
    • At least 70% contrast between font colors and background colors.
    • Signs to be installed on a non-moving surface 60" above the floor.
    • Braille lettering and universal accessibility symbols to be included.
    Sounds like a bit too much? It's not for our team. Over 10 years, we've designed eye-catching ADA-compliant signs in Louisville, KY. That's why businesses like yours only trust us for custom elevator ADA signage and more

    Personalize Signs With Your Branding and More

    Unlock a world of creative possibilities with an expert team. We'll never make you settle for standard signs, we'll bring your vision to life. We'll guide you through a wide range of customization options, including:

    • Style
    • Size
    • Colors
    • Fonts
    • Message
    • Raised lettering
    • Installation

    Helping Riverside County Businesses Stay on the Right Side of the ADA

    Discover the difference working with a team that's passionately pro-accessibility makes. We're firm believers that spaces should be equally accessible for people with disabilities and you shouldn't have to compromise on decor for it.

    That's why our team works proactively with you to create attractive ADA signs that enhance branding. Book a free consultation today with an expert company for ADA floor signs near you in Louisville.

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