June 6, 2023

10 Great ADA Fitting Room Design Tips

No clothing store is complete without a fitting room, and that includes having an ADA friendly dressing room. For your business to go the extra mile and show you care about accommodating everyone, you should design your fitting room (complete with an ADA fitting room sign) in a way that makes everybody happy.

At The ADA Factory, we educate you to make your business ADA-friendly. We are passionate about making the world a welcoming place for everybody, and we proudly serve Corona, CA, and ship across the entire country so that every business is accessible. It is our way of bringing people together, one business at a time.

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How to Set Up Your ADA Fitting Room

When designing your ADA dressing room, you need to think about your disabled customers' needs. Here are some great tips to create a fantastic dressing room:

  1. Spacious Layout: Oftentimes, these rooms are used by people with wheelchairs. They need space for their wheelchair and possibly for a second person to assist them.
  2. Grab Bar: Having an ADA fitting room without a grab bar makes zero sense. A grab bar greatly helps people get in and out of their wheelchairs so they can try on clothes comfortably.
  3. Slip Resistant Flooring: The last thing you want is for someone to hurt themselves in your workspace. Go the extra mile by installing a slip resistance floor.
  4. Lighting: Having proper lighting is crucial to ensure people with visual impairments can see how they look in their new clothes properly. Adjustable mood light is a fantastic idea because people with seeing problems can set the lighting to their preference.
  5. Mirrors: This is increadibly important! By implementing it in the dressing room in a way that it doesn’t take up space, you’re allowing people to see themselves.
  6. Add A Bench: This goes hand-in-hand with creating a spacious layout. Benches provide people who may need a rest or might have to sit while they dress a comfortable way of doing so.
  7. Install a Fan: Although this isn’t specifically for disabled people, a fan is a great way to make your fitting room more comfortable. Who doesn’t like sitting in front of a fan on a hot day
  8. Install ADA Fitting Room Signs: Your fitting room needs ADA signs. Why not have a custom ADA fitting room sign designed by The ADA Factory, one of the best signage companies in the business? This will allow you to show people that you welcome everyone into your space and provide them with a safe environment.
  9. Uplifting Quotes or Graphics: You can improve your customer’s mood with an uplifting quote or a great picture. Make sure it is appropriate and aligns with your business. As an offspring company of Majestic Sign Studio, we can create these for you with custom vinyl graphics.
  10. Themed Fitting Rooms: If your clothing store has a theme, why not create a themed fitting room? Make sure your theme aligns with your brand. People may even comment on how unique your fitting room and dressing room signs are and recommend your store to their friends.

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Don’t put off your ADA signage project any longer; work with signage experts who can help you implement ADA fitting room signs into your business and start building respect for your business while attracting more customers.

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