December 20, 2023

The Crucial Role of ADA Exit Signs in Emergency Situations

The number one thing you should be concerned about as a business owner is the safety of your employees and customers. If anything were to happen that puts someone at risk, it would be detrimental to your business and weigh heavily on your consciousness. Creating a safe and secure establishment is essential to preventing harmful incidents from occurring.

While safety signs accomplish this goal, it is important not to overlook the need for ADA exit signs as well. This kind of signage is installed in specific locations and is paramount to the overall safety of all individuals, regardless of ability. All ADA signage keeps your business in compliance, especially as they follow strict standards and guidelines.

While the complexity of ADA signage requirements could be daunting, The ADA Factory is a specialty sign company that prides itself on making ADA signage for any kind of business needs. For any questions about ADA exit signs or other ADA signage, or to clarify why your business needs this type of signage, contact us today.

The Importance of ADA Exit Signs

ADA exit signs are unlike regular exit signs. These signs cater to individuals who have specific impairments that may prevent them from being able to understand or read regular exit signs. Whether an individual is dealing with a visual or cognitive impairment, they can understand ADA exit signs in the event of an emergency and make it safely outside.

The following ADA exit sign requirements must be followed to ensure they are compliant:

  • Color Contrast
  • Tactile Characters, such as Braille
  • Standard Mounting Height
  • Standard Mounting Location

Given the importance of these signage requirements, it is important to work with a signage partner who is well-versed in creating this type of signage. Fortunately for you, we are experts in this field, meaning we can guarantee that your signs will follow the standards. This avoids any unnecessary fines or incidents regarding your patron's or employees’ safety.

ADA Exit Routes: A Clear Path to Safety

In the event of an emergency, finding a clear path to safety is an essential skill that individuals must have or at least have the support to acquire quickly. For those who are familiar with their surroundings, such as employees, finding an exit may not be difficult. However, for individuals who are unfamiliar with their surroundings or suffer from disabilities that impact the navigation of their environment, the level of difficulty sharply increases.

ADA exit signs do not exclusively refer to signs that say “EXIT” but can also include ADA wayfinding signs. These signs create a clear, easily understandable path that leads anyone, regardless of ability, to safety. They also include a specific set of design elements that cater to visual, cognitive, and auditory impairments. For example, a flashing red light on a fire alarm ensures that individuals who are deaf understand that a fire alarm is sounding, and they must vacate a building. Similarly, directional arrows are a simple way to guide individuals with cognitive impairments toward an exit.

Without these sign solutions, there are many unsafe and potentially harmful circumstances that could occur. From experiencing feelings of confusion and terror to putting others at risk when having to help impaired individuals to safety, the investment in ADA exit signs helps to prevent these circumstances from happening. Protect your business and all stakeholders involved who rely on you to prioritize their safety.

The ADA Factory: Keeping Businesses Compliant and Safe

If you’re looking for an experienced signage partner to assist your business in acquiring ADA signage, you’ve come to the right place. At The ADA Factory, we pride ourselves in creating signage that promotes safety and accessibility.

Give us a call today to discuss your business needs. We’re happy to answer any questions you may have and offer a free quote.

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