March 13, 2024

The Significance of ADA Acrylic Signs in Modern Spaces

Creating an inclusive space in your business has never been more crucial and will continue to be an issue businesses face in 2024. We live in a time where everyone must be respectful of people’s unique needs to promote equality and inclusivity in all spaces.

ADA acrylic signs are a way to let people with disabilities know they are not only welcome but encouraged to visit your business. They are also a tasteful way to add class and look good while doing so. Acrylic ADA signs can also contribute to an acrylic signage system in your office or business space to give you a clean, uniform look that improves your decor.

At The ADA factory, we have helped many businesses make themselves accessible by crafting signs that meet the state requirements for ADA signage, and we always ensure they are installed in proper locations to keep all your customers safe and aware of their surroundings.

To learn how we can help your location become accessible, contact us today.

Why Your Business Needs ADA Signage

Not only is it necessary to create a safe and inclusive environment for employees and visitors, but it is mandatory by law for any business in a public space to include ADA signage in its indoor signage system. Although there are some exceptions, almost every business is required to have ADA signs by law, and if you do not have them, you could face a fine. You could also be liable if a person gets hurt on your property as a result of inadequate signage.

Be the business that everyone respects and make everyone feel welcome in a safe environment.

Why Choose ADA Acrylic Signs?

Accessible signs can be made from many different materials, but there are advantages to using acrylic. For starters, it is easy to craft these signs with the necessary color contrast between pictograms and the background, which is one design requirement these signs must meet.

We can also give signs an anti-glare finish, which makes it easier for people with low vision to read information. Choosing a material that is easy to work with, attractive, and durable will show your commitment to enforcing the best ADA signage practices. These signs ensure your business is consistently compliant with the law and cares about its customers.

ADA acrylic signs are also easy to integrate into an office setting. You can match them with your lobby signs, bathroom signs, and any other office signs to create a cohesive image that is uniform and professional.

Book a Consultation with an ADA Signage Expert Today

If you need ADA acrylic signs for your business, give us a call. We would be happy to tell you all the ways we can create a safe and inclusive environment in your business to make everyone feel welcome.

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